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Upgrade Industrial Lighting to LED

Upgrade Industrial Lighting to LED

When facility managers upgrade to LED technologythe lighting system industry exists, and the path to energy savings and reduced maintenance costs begins. 

The main objective of retrofitting with LED technology is to ensure significant savings through reduced energy consumption and more efficient maintenance. 

It is a fact that replacing all traditional luminaires (HID, fluorescent, and incandescent) with LED Technology can reduce costs by 50% or more.

Beyond Reducing Energy Consumption

But at Evitechwe focus on giving value beyond reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption. When lighting systems are updated to use LED technology. 

You have the opportunity to create a more advanced system, adding presence sensors and daytime lighting controls.

For example, in parking lots, it is widespread to see luminaires operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By adding presence sensors to each luminaire, you can save 50 to 75 per cent and use dimmers controlled by daylight. Additional savings can achieve 10 to 20 per cent in areas exposed to daylight.

There are significant areas of opportunity for facility managers to achieve additional energy savings using LED technology and intelligent controls.

When selecting a lighting control, it is essential to have controls that can deliver critical information immediately; this allows addressing different unique situations almost directly.

The controls and advanced lighting allow the facility managers to collect and access specific analyses. It allowed you to delve into detail to organize and manage the lighting system.

Luminaires and Information

This computing capacity allows facility teams to perform previously complex tasks; the value provided by this data is to anticipate maintenance needs, make adjustments to energy savings and thus guarantee continuous performance throughout the system. Lighting, regardless of the size of the facility.

For example, municipalities with kilometres of street and avenue lighting require maintenance teams to hunt down the lights that are on during the day and not at night or that do not turn on.

With an intelligent lighting control system, it is possible to monitor each luminaire, detect any changes, and immediately notify an unexpected eventuality; with the system’s data, it is much easier to guarantee a safe environment and reduce maintenance costs.

Installing LED fixtures with lighting controls will reduce energy consumption and generate cost savings, but adding intelligent controls to provide information will save you more than just reducing energy consumption.

The appropriate and extensive information provided by advanced lighting controls enables facility managers to effectively manage and monitor lighting, save on maintenance costs, and quickly correct unsafe lighting conditions.