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What are LED lighting towers, and What are their Applications?

What are LED lighting towers, and What are their Applications?

Picture this scenario: You have an outdoor event with many guests to attend, but the venue is dimly lit. How can you improve lighting? For this, you must LED lighting towers, and these devices will be very helpful if they are placed in strategic places.

The above is just one of many circumstances where you could use LED light towers. This article will teach you everything you need to know about these devices and their applications.

LED lighting towers: what are they, and what are they for?

Light towers are equipment designed to improve visibility during events in dimly lit locations. These towers have a diesel engine in charge of moving an electric generator and a mast similar to a telescope, which can be hydraulically or manually lowered.

Generally, the power of these LED tower lights is between 100W and more than 2000W, and they can be raised to a height of 8 to 10 meters. This will allow you to illuminate a large work area since they have a great lighting capacity with that power and height.

The main parts that support a light tower are the mast and the stabilizers. These are combined with an internal combustion engine, in charge of moving an electric generator that keeps the lights on.

Stabilizers are very important in this type of tower. They are extended and adjusted before the mast is raised and intended to keep the tower level stable. Due to this and other characteristics, lighting towers are useful for lighting environments with minimal natural light or no electrical connection.

Applications of LED Lighting Towers

The applications of lighting or LED light towers are diverse, perhaps limitless. The reason is that these appliances come with a diesel engine designed to last for long working hours.

Let’s look at three examples of scenarios where LED light towers are used:

Event lighting, outdoors and indoors there, towers are often the perfect addition to lighting at events and filming locations. They are light and compact equipment that is easily moved, in addition to having a large fuel tank to operate for long hours.

Construction project lighting

Due to the lighting quality of LED lights and their practical transportation, these towers facilitate construction work at night. They have become essential equipment on construction sites and also improve project safety.

Outdoor lighting in hotels and tourist sites

For many hotels, it is essential to have LED light towers since they must keep certain areas illuminated for the safety of their clients. For this, it is very useful to have a model with four spotlights at a high point and with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Thanks to their versatility, there are many scenarios where to use LED lighting towers.

We mention some examples here, but its applications include sports events, highways, night maintenance, emergencies, etc.