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What are the Main Benefits of LED Tubes Compared to Fluorescent ones?

What are the Main Benefits of LED Tubes Compared to Fluorescent ones?

The main advantage is energy savings of more than 50%. It should note that the use of a classic tube, in addition to its consumption. It requires the use of a resistance that varies between 3 and 8 watts per tube (depending on the quality of the resistance).

Another advantage is the savings in maintenance. A conventional tube has a lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours, about the estimated lifespan of the LED tube, which is 30,000. These data vary depending on the quality of each tube.

Without UV or infrared, LED technology perfectly respects the health of its user and the environment. LED lights can be recycled, thus reducing polluting raw materials in traditional lighting systems.

The Amount of Light

First of all, it is essential to know that the connection of an LED neon tube is made on one side, contrary to a classic fluorescent tube. For this reason, the light emitted by the LED tube is less than that of traditional neon. 

However, the light emitted from the illuminated surface is the same as a classic tube. There are also versions with higher luminous efficiency.

Greater is the number of lumens, and more significant will be the luminosity of the tube.

Colour Temperature

Colour 830: Warm light for use in offices.

Colour 840: Cold light for use in shops and industrial centres.

Colour 865: Daylight for use in shops and industrial centres.

Hours of Life

LED tubes last more than 30,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours for an excellent fluorescent tube.


LED tubes can withstand more shock and vibration than fluorescent tubes. They can be disassembled and repaired, while fluorescent tubes stand out for their fragility.


LED tubes consume less amount of energy than fluorescent tubes. A 600mm -18W fluorescent tube can consume twice its rated power per resistor. 

We are talking about the consumption of 36W about the 8 or 12W consumption of a 600mm LED tube.

Immediate power on

LED tubes are instant on and are not affected by hours of life. On the other hand, a fluorescent tube takes time to start, and the number of times it is switched on impacts its lifespan.

For example, many manufacturers of fluorescent tubes estimate 10,000 hours, considering only two lighting times per day.


LED tubes do not need gas to light. Fluorescent tubes are made from mercury vapour compounds that are very dangerous to human health and the environment.

The LED tube offers a very stable luminous flux and is, therefore, comfortable to use. By not heating up, the tube reduces the use of air conditioning in structures sensitive to heat, especially at times of the year with high temperatures.

Its high light output remains constant, contrary to fluorescent neon tubes, which gradually fade over time.