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LED Lighting in Universities: Innovation and Change

LED Lighting in Universities: Innovation and Change

University campuses are urban environments present in almost all large cities in Australia. Like other urban buildings, they gradually but steadily adapt to the new LED technology

Taking advantage of its innumerable advantages, university campuses in the Australia region are opting for energy and architectural options that many universities worldwide already benefit from.

Universities are particularly propitious spaces for the use of light bulbs and LED Lighting for several reasons.

Energy efficiency

LEDs consume less electricity than traditional light bulbs, and for a university, the cost of the electricity bill is always a priority, given the large size of the campus. They are more expensive, but in the long run, they help save costs.


University environments especially value the fight against climate change, which is why they support light bulbs that consume less energy, have a longer life, are less damaged, and do not contain toxic metals such as mercury.


University campuses, with hundreds or thousands of young students, are places that need security, requiring all areas to be well-lit to prevent theft or assault. LED technology is easy to install in any space, contributing to constant Lighting that helps with that safety.

Architectural Adaptability

Architects and designers value LED luminaires’ flexibility in terms of shapes, colours and sizes, as it allows them to create different environments precisely adapted to each need within a campus: classrooms, libraries, parks, and research facilities. The LED directs its light where we want it, avoiding light pollution.

The higher price of LED luminaire compared to traditional light bulbs should not dissuade university institutions from adapting to a technology that is helping to change our world.

Universities are precisely engines of innovation and progress, which is why they are leading the adaptation to more efficient, modern and sustainable systems.

Australian universities must rely on this type of LED Lighting to continue leading this adaptation to the 21st century and serve as an example and guide for society.

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