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4 Types Of LED Lights To Illuminate Basements And Attics

4 Types Of LED Lights To Illuminate Basements And Attics

LED lighting systems have the performance, flux, and capacity necessary to illuminate those spaces where natural light cannot reach, such as basements, attics or attics, whose interior Lighting is essential, whatever the use of these spaces. The following types of LED light will help you select the most suitable for it:

LED ceiling lights 

They are ceiling lights with high lighting efficiency and a good opening angle, whose shape, colour and size vary according to your needs. They can be installed very easily on walls or ceilings and are characterized by not taking up much space and respecting the decorative concept of any environment.

In addition, thermally, they do not radiate heat, considering that the space to be illuminated is closed. 

LED Downlights

They are commonly known as “portholes” and replace traditional spherical bulbs for their aesthetics. You can install small cold light bulbs by embedding them in ceilings and walls in different directions according to taste and needs.

LED Light Strips

It’s a narrow, flexible strip that you can easily install around the contours of your ceiling, floor, skirting board, walkways, and even the inconspicuous edges of stair railings. The adhesive on the back makes it easy to put on, and you can find them in different colours and sizes.

LED Light Tubes

The tubular luminaire design can adapt to any environment and space. They are similar to fluorescent tubes but based on an internal LED-type system.

In this model, there is full compatibility with the traditional system. If you already had a previous installation in another lighting system, you can replace the earlier tubes with LED lights. You will quickly perceive the change in the quality of light and, of course, in energy savings.

In interior Lighting in narrow and very dark spaces, LED light in its different shapes and sizes can be an excellent alternative for energy savings, efficiency and decoration.

When choosing between the different types, consider the size of the place, the ceiling height and the electrical configuration.

You will find the ideal option to illuminate every corner of your Home.