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Advantages of LED Spotlights in the Home

Advantages of LED Spotlights in the Home

There is a general perception that LED lighting is expensive. However, when considering the savings of LED bulbs during their useful life, they emerge as the most economical option.

Although its initial cost is higher than other types of lighting, its operation and maintenance costs are much lower.

LED bulbs can achieve energy savings of over 80% when replacing incandescent bulbs.

Useful Life of LED Spotlights

Before getting into the topic of energy savings, compare the average lifespan of the three main types of light bulbs used in a home:

· Incandescent – ​​1,000 hours

· Fluorescent – ​​10,000 hours

· LED – 25,000 hours

To make a fair assessment, you would have to compare the cost of one LED bulb to that of 25 incandescent bulbs.

At first, glance, buying a $1 incandescent bulb may seem like a better option than a $6 LED. However, the LED replaces 25 bulbs over its lifetime, costing $25.

A similar comparison can be made for fluorescent bulbs, which cost about $3. LED bulbs are the cheapest alternative on the market in terms of cost per hour of useful life.

Energy Saving of LED Spotlights

The energy savings of LED spotlights are also significant. The difference is significant if we compare a 100-watt incandescent bulb’s Fluorescent (25W) and LED (17W) equivalents. Assuming a rate of $0.20 per kilowatt-hour, the following result is obtained for 1,000 hours of use:

In conclusion, LED bulbs have the lowest cost per hour of useful life and energy consumption. Add to that the trips to the hardware store avoided using a product with a 25,000-hour lifespan. If used eight hours a day, it can operate for 8-9 years without requiring replacement.

Additional Recommendations

To ensure that an LED bulb will deliver what it promises, it is very important to verify that it is a reliable product:

· On North American products, look for the “UL Listed” mark. This indicates that the product has undergone extensive testing by Underwriters Laboratories.

· For European products, looking for the “CE Approved” mark is recommended. For practical purposes, it is the equivalent of UL Listed.

Another important recommendation is to verify that the colour of the light is suitable for the environment where it will be used:

· In areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where visibility is essential, it is recommended to use LED spotlights with neutral white light (Clear White).

· Warm white light is recommended in bedrooms or TV rooms where you want to create a more relaxing environment. This is characterized by a slight yellow tone similar to incandescent bulbs (Warm White).

The colour of the light significantly affects the type of ambience that is created. Generally, warm tones favour relaxation and white or cool tones favour concentration.