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Safe Pedalling: Lighting Trends In Cycle Paths

Safe Pedalling: Lighting Trends In Cycle Paths

Undoubtedly, a decentralized, ecological, healthy, and environmentally friendly means of transport benefits society and modern cities.

The bicycle, which meets all these characteristics, is positioned as the trend in various world capitals, and our country is not far behind. 

LED Lighting and Security

Regarding safety, first-class signage and Lighting are key to preventing accidents, considering that there are about 17 accidents a day in our country. Due to this, the whole world has set its sights on improving warning and prevention systems, counting on LED Lighting as an ally.

What trends do we find in advanced capitals? Using spotlights and LED bulbs embedded in the ground or on poles can illuminate the road longer and more clearly. However, they decided to go further in Poland: roads completely dyed with a fluorescent material that reacts to the lights at night. Thus it is possible to signal pedestrian crossings or curves.

In the Netherlands, artists took to the bike paths to recreate scenarios that emulate designs and environments from famous paintings, using different LED bulbs on the road, absorbing sunlight and emitting a radiant green and blue colour at night. Fluorescent paint is also great for improving visibility.

All these innovations regarding security can only be complemented with LED lighting, which highlights colours, illuminates better at night and have a longer useful life, avoiding blackouts and replacements.

A green alternative like the bicycle can also benefit from the characteristics of LED lights, which will always be the best contribution to the environment in a responsible city.