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LED Lights in Surges

LED Lights in Surges

Gone are the days of the 1800s when street lighting consisted of lanterns with tallow candles burning at night. City lighting has made great strides from traditional xenon lighting to modern LED.

LED public Lighting is an excellent alternative for municipalities as it provides various benefits over traditional Lighting. The LED is sustainable, represents savings of up to 50% in consumption and has a useful life of more than 50,000 hours, among other benefits.

In this sense, choosing to the light of this type is key to optimizing resources.

Is LED public Lighting Prepared for the Surge?

Any electrical connection exposed to the weather can suffer some overvoltage, whether temporary or permanent. This phenomenon, caused by atmospheric discharges or climatic conditions, can cause a high voltage spike in the system, damaging the receivers and equipment connected to the entire network.

However, thanks to its characteristics and materials, LED public Lighting can be immune to overvoltage as long as it has the correct maintenance and the right product.

Under this logic, when choosing LEDs, it is important to consider that they do not have a ground connection and are made of polymers and not conductive or electrostatic metal, among other factors that will minimize the risk of overvoltages.

It is of the utmost importance that the design of LED public Lighting is intelligent and orderly, thus protecting the equipment and the network.

In this sense, engineers must consider stepped protection, lightning protection and preventive measures against climatic conditions.

LED Lighting is undoubtedly the best alternative, thanks to its safety, efficiency and durability characteristics. Adopting this luminaire can be reflected in a better quality of life and better services.