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How To Protect Your House With LED Lights?

How To Protect Your House With LED Lights?

Good external lighting is essential as part of a home security system, as it keeps prowlers away and discourages them from breaking into your home.

However, leaving the lights on while you and your family are away for several days backfires.

A house illuminated 24 hours a day alerts criminals that its inhabitants are not there, in addition to generating a high electrical energy consumption.

LED lighting, with spotlights that turn on and off automatically or any movement outside the house. This type of lighting offers comprehensive light coverage and reduced electricity consumption.

The quality of LED lighting as a complement to a video surveillance system allows greater facial recognition.

Here are some options you can use to protect your home:

LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor

These spotlights are motion-sensitive and turn on during the transit of anyone near your home. They are beneficial to deter prowlers without constantly illuminating and attracting too much attention.

Many of these lamps are battery-powered, cordless, and very easy to install, ideal for placing in any space you want to illuminate in case someone approaches.

LED Lamps with Camera

They include light and a camera that is activated whenever someone approaches. It is controlled remotely through an app that sends alerts to a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and allows you to issue an alarm or speak directly to the person who activated the motion sensor.

LED Spotlight with Solar Panel

These lamps work automatically and do not need cables or batteries. They absorb solar energy during the day and light up at night to protect the house and give the impression that its inhabitants are present.

Keep any possible access to your house, patios, gardens, and parking area well-lit. Powerful LED lighting minimizes the spaces criminals can hide and inhibits them from approaching.