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Industrial Lighting: What is Lighting as a Service?

Industrial Lighting: What is Lighting as a Service?

Many companies or SMEs allocate a large part of their budget to the cost of essential services. However, as a saving and organization measure, new trends in industrial Lighting have taken the plan to offer solutions designed for companies.

If your business consumes too much energy, an excellent alternative is to hire a Lighting as a Service or LaaS service. 

This revolutionary method consists of contracting a lighting plan as if it were a television or broadband package. This service, designed for companies, consists of a subscription with a fixed value. This way, continuous use is guaranteed, without frights and specially designed for the company’s requirements.

Advantages for Industrial Lighting

We know that LED lighting is innovative and revolutionary. Due to its high cost, LED technology became a lifesaver for companies that used to see their budget burn out, like incandescent light bulbs.

Having LED lighting guarantees stability and savings; An LED bulb can continuously light up for more than 40,000 hours and have a long lifespan. In addition, they are efficient; they save energy consumption, do not heat up or melt, and are much safer, ecological, and highly customizable.

In this sense, the LaaS service guarantees a good use of Lighting thanks to its fixed plan. This system is ideal for companies with warehouses, waiting rooms or large corporate buildings. In this type of building, it is customary to see lights on permanently, so LED’s benefits will be beneficial.

The Lighting as a Service format is ideal for reducing costs in companies that require a unique lighting plan.

In addition, the advantages of LED Lighting can include innovation and technology, support with intelligent systems, the “internet of things”, and remote controls on and off, among other options.