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Three Optimal Ways to Integrate LED Spotlights In Urban Environments

Three Optimal Ways to Integrate LED Spotlights In Urban Environments

LED spotlights have become an exciting alternative for urban lighting. Their consumption is much lower than incandescent lights, so they offer added value for public lighting.

In this article, Evitech explains how these spotlights can be integrated into the illumination of the city.

 How do you integrate LED spotlights in the city?

It is important to remember that LED spotlights represent an average saving of between 40 and 60% compared to traditional lights.

On the other hand, and this is no less important, they have reduced traffic accidents or crime. Consequently, it is an investment for the future for several reasons.

As a general principle, including this technology is a good idea, as long as you keep in mind that a high initial investment must be made.

In many cities, public lighting costs account for up to 10% of the municipal budget. With these simple guidelines, you will integrate this technology more efficiently in your city.

Design a lighting purchasing plan

The concept of central purchasing is ancient, but the truth is that it works and ostensibly reduces costs for purchasing public lighting components. One practical example of this possibility is the collective purchases in Ontario (Canada). 

This project started from the municipalities or that of the purchasing centre sponsored by the Administration directly in India, allowing the introduction of this technology.

Make smart use

This is why the smart city concept is not only a saving option but also a necessity for environmental sustainability. For this, integrating programming into the LED public lighting system is essential. 

One of the essential aspects of integrating LED spotlights in the city is that they are switched on and off to suit the light needs of the moment. For example, it would not make much sense to turn on the lights in a park at noon on a clear day.

Know How to choose the location of the lights

Another equally important aspect of integrating LED lights is the location we choose. Nobody escapes the fact that selecting one place or another is important. 

Promoting the installation of the streetlights whenever possible is necessary because the difference will notice here. Secondly, and subsequently, you can opt for installing beacons in public parks or streets with traffic at night because that will increase security.

Finally, the mini-post is an exciting option if you want to offer protection in public parks at night.

The installation of LED spotlights in a city offers several possibilities. If you know how to choose the necessary quality and power and use it rationally, it can solve many problems in the cities of the 21st century.

The medium-term trend will be its inclusion in cases where it can provide added value at a lower cost than incandescent or halogen lamps.