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The Reasons Why You Should Use LED Luminaires In Smart Cities

The Reasons Why You Should Use LED Luminaires In Smart Cities

Many of the world’s big cities are starting to use LED luminaires; for example, Los Angeles has already implemented this technology in 75% of its 200,000 streetlights. As time goes on, smaller cities will follow suit. Therefore, you will see why LED lights have become a fundamental part of the intelligent city structure below.

Why are LED luminaires essential in a smart city?

They save energy and costs

These lights consume up to 50% less energy than traditional lighting systems. In addition, they can work without diminishing their quality for more than 50,000 hours, even, in some cases, up to more than 100,000 hours. On the other hand, they require less maintenance. These features help reduce labour costs and energy consumption.

They are safer

Traditional light bulbs get hot after being on for a long time, posing a fire hazard in some buildings. However, an LED luminaire generates much less heat and is therefore safer.

They can be controlled remotely.

You can control an LED luminaire or a set of them through the internet. This will allow you to control Lighting based on factors such as temperature, weather or amount of traffic remotely.

They are dimmable

You can modify the lighting intensity through the LED controls to use between 10% and 100% of the total capacity. In addition, dimming is smooth and seamless.

They help preserve the environment and preserve the health of the inhabitants.

LED luminaires release much less carbon dioxide than traditional light bulbs. Moreover, they do not contain toxic elements that can harm a person’s health.

Therefore, given that LED lighting generates many benefits, it is of the utmost importance that cities include it as part of their urban planning in the purest style of the smart city trend.