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7 Advantages of LED Lighting in the Home

7 Advantages of LED Lighting in Home

Regarding energy savingefficiency, and perfect brightness in Lighting, indoor LED luminaires top the list of options.

Discover the reasons below:

Energy and economic savings

LED lights can offer excellent brightness at a low cost. For example, 9W indoor LED luminaires maintain the same brightness as a traditional 60W incandescent bulb.

This noticeable difference translates into monthly savings for an average house with 12 lights, from $14,261 to $1,671, without sacrificing lighting efficiency in the Home. 


The LED system is friendly to the environment. Traditional manufacturing lights could not be disposed of without first being treated so that their chemical components – mercury and tungsten – do not affect the environment.

On the other hand, an LED light does not have emissions that can affect human beings, so once you have finished using it, you can throw it in the trash without any concern.

Shelf life

The LED system is estimated to have an active duration of over 45,000 hours, with minimum maintenance.

Low temperature

Some figures published by Dailux LED show that while an incandescent bulb transforms 15% of its energy into light and the rest into heat, indoor LED luminaires can convert between 80% and 90% into light without emitting heat.

This allows for a cool, comfortable climate and a modern light environment.

Light quality

The LED light will multiply by 8 the lighting capacity and sharpness of the area where you install it. They come in different shades of colour for each personal taste, so you only have to choose how to illuminate each homeroom.

Easy installation and replacement

No more tools or knowledge than traditional ones are needed for installing a light bulb or even an LED panel. The electronic system is prepared to make the necessary energy conversions, so the installation is limited to your enjoyment.

Modern design

Indoor LED luminaire design does more than illuminate. They can bring a modern, eco-friendly touch to every space in your Home and easily fit into any spotlight.

The advantages offered by LED lights far outweigh their cost. Get a lighting system with LED technology and enjoy all these benefits in your Home!