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Advantages Of Using LED Light In Horticultural Crops

Advantages Of Using LED Light In Horticultural Crops

The energy revolution has already reached horticulture and the production of fresh plant foods. LED spotlights have been incorporated as one more element in greenhouses for tomatoes, lettuce and all kinds of seasonal crops.

And although its implementation is still a minority, the innumerable advantages over Lighting with HPS lamps or sunlight have made them increasingly popular among growers and agri-food producers.

Increased production

The continuous use of LED spotlights to illuminate indoor crops allows a light supply for 24 hours a day, exponentially increasing the number of crops. Higher production compensates for the higher price of current LED technology than traditional lamps.

Quality improvement

LED technology illuminates the plants optimally, providing them with the necessary light, no more or less, regulating precisely the frequency and intensity that each crop needs, since a pepper or a tomato, for example, are not the same.

In addition, the LEDs can illuminate with red, blue, white or more shades of light, which is exactly what each type of plant requires.  

Cost Savings

LED spotlights consume less energy than any other type of artificial Lighting, which means significant savings on electricity bills, which is important for greenhouses.

Temperature control

LED bulbs do not get as hot as the current lamps used in greenhouses, so they can be placed closer to the plants and thus save space in the greenhouse. In the same way, they allow more effective control of the temperature inside.

Easy Installation

Current LED systems can be designed in various sizes and shapes, adapting to different environments. That way, other farmers can create their systems from different LED bulbs.

Using LED technology will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of greenhouse crops.