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4 Reasons to use LED Lighting at Events

4 Reasons to use LED Lighting at Events

If you plan to organize an event or party, you must be up to date with lighting trends.

Currently, LED lamps have positioned themselves among the favourites for the setting of celebrations, for which Evitech share 4 reasons why you should use them.

Chromatic multiplicity and shapes

Each event has a different theme and setting, so the new LED technology allows the area to be illuminated according to the festive “climate”.

Here we are talking about the intensity of the lights and colour changes. The secret is to play with spaces and design to achieve your desired effect.

Low Power Consumption

Maintaining the Lighting for several hours can represent an excessive expenditure of energy and money; however, with LED lamps, energy consumption is reduced by at least 80%, according to the IHS Markit data consultant, concerning lights.

In this sense, you will be able to enjoy excellent Lighting for longer without implying a high cost.

In 2017, Chile launched the “Change the focus” campaign to encourage the use of LED lights and thus reduce energy consumption by 4.8% by 2020.

Lower Temperature

The heat emission is also reduced because there is a saving in energy consumption. In this sense, using LED lamps will prevent the increasing temperature in the environment, even if they are working for a long time. This will improve the guests’ stay, and you will not have to resort to fans or air conditioners.

Greater Spectrum and Quality

The LED lamp reaches its maximum brightness quickly, unlike others that do so progressively. This allows the effects with rays, strobes or images to be more dynamic and achieve excellent projection without losing quality.

Similarly, the durability of LED lamps is more excellent than the rest of the models on the market, reaching up to 25,000 hours of use so that you can use them on several occasions.

Various LED lights on the market make your event an unforgettable occasion. LED panels are efficient, as are LED track and recessed lights, to create unique and comfortable environments.