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4 Essential Benefits Provided By LED Lighting In Municipalities

4 Essential Benefits Provided By LED Lighting In Municipalities

Expenditure on electrical energy and the strong demand for electricity to supply sufficient Lighting in the communities are two weaknesses many Australian municipalities face.

According to data compiled by the National Institute of Statistics, in 2018, Australian households invested 14.3% of their monthly budget in expenses related to this service.

Why is it a sustainable alternative?

Australia has joined efforts to implement LED lighting in various urban spaces within the framework of a sustainable plan. Between 2015 and 2017, the Program for the Replacement of 200,000 Public Lighting Fixtures promoted by the Ministry of Energy benefited more than 20 communes throughout the country, enabling efficient Lighting.

Energy saving 

Each LED bulb means benefits up to 50% in energy consumption, being a sustainable and efficient alternative.

Longer life and less maintenance

An LED luminaire can reach 50,000 hours of use, well above the 2,000 hours of an incandescent bulb. This also means 30% in maintenance savings since it does not require constant replacement and revision like regular electricity, representing direct savings in its implementation.

Adaptable and dynamic

LED Lighting is highly resistant to switching on and off compared to a traditional spotlight. In this sense, a city can innovate using remote mechanisms or programming.


In communities, the well-being of all the families that make them up is essential. LED Lighting reduces ultraviolet and infrared radiation to zero since they are not made with polluting materials.

In conclusion, its use as a sustainable policy means an attractive saving of resources and improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants of a commune, promoting clear actions of environmental responsibility and ecological awareness.