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Why install LEDs in education sector?

Why install LEDs in education sector?

External factors in an educational centre can condition the student’s performance. In this sense, discover how the quality and colour of Lighting with a led light panel can influence their academic performance.

Why have good light when studying?

Clear and homogeneous Lighting creates the ideal visual environment that allows more extended periods of reading and comprehension to be maintained.

During the study, the temperature of the light ranges from 4000k to 5000k (cold), allowing a greater capacity for the concentration of the students.

What is the Appropriate Light?

The LED Light Panel is very versatile because you can choose between different shades and colours of Lighting. So the concept of an appropriate light depends directly on the sought objective.

The type of light used in the educational centre impacts the development of certain academic activities. For example:

To study: a panel of white led light in the classroom or study area contributes to better concentration, especially if it is located in a high place and does not generate reflections that could impair the students’ vision.

Post break: after days of physical activity and rest, LED light panels to regulate the Lighting to soft and warm. This kind of light allows you to regain tranquillity and perception in class after an active task.

Savings/Quality Ratio

Lighting is among the first rungs of expenses in educational centres due to the large number of light bulbs that must be used. LED lights save up to 80% energy when compared to fluorescent Lighting.

In addition, maintenance and replacement costs decrease since the panels have around 50,000 hours of use, that is, about 30 years (if they are used 10 hours a day).

Lately, it has been much more common for educational centres to choose LED light panels as their lighting system. They are practical and decorative and promote the concentration of students.