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How Long do LED Bulbs Last?

How Long do LED Bulbs Last?

The average lifetime of LED bulbs

You must remember that not all LED bulbs have the same durability and that factors such as quality influence them. An LED light will last an average of 50,000 hours, which will mean more than 13 years if you turn it on for 10 hours daily

However, this does not mean that all the bulbs last the same because there are different qualities and powers, but the difference with the halogen ones is evident.

Now, there are other aspects you must consider in the installation because, otherwise, this figure will not tell you much.


Under normal conditions, a capacitor lasts one year, and this is because they are made of plastic. However, in recent years ceramic capacitors have been manufactured that solve this problem and extend the useful life of the light bulb.

Really, and if care is not taken with this aspect, the real-life of a bulb can be significantly reduced.

Environmental Setting

You must know that light bulbs are designed for a particular environment. For example, if you buy a warm light bulb in an area that already is, you risk overheating it and thus reducing its useful life.

Consequently, it should bear in mind that energy efficiency consists of buying a light bulb that consumes less and is adapted to your needs.

The Location of the Heat Sink

The heat sink can allow heat to be distributed evenly. If poorly designed, it will concentrate on the light bulb, reducing its life and even causing breakdowns. For this reason, it is convenient to ensure that this component is installed correctly and fulfils the task for which it is necessary.

The type of bulb used.

Undoubtedly, the type of bulb that we use will significantly influence the final result and durability. For example, a medium power LED should not use for public lighting because the difference with high power bulbs is substantial.

For example, high-power LED bulbs have 97% flux at 50,000 hours, magnitudes that would not achieve with medium-power bulbs.

For all these reasons, it can conclude that the average duration of LED bulbs will depend on several factors that should not be neglected, both the quality of the material itself and the context in which it is used.

Knowing these circumstances will allow you to make intelligent consumption that your pocket will appreciate in the medium term.

Conclusion: Two reasons have made LED bulbs concentrate most of the sales of light headlamps: their durability and lower environmental impact.