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An Introduction to LED Lighting in Sports Venues

An Introduction to LED Lighting in Sports Venues

Good Lighting is essential and can make a difference in a sports venue. In a stadium at night, whether it is a soccer or tennis field or closed areas such as gyms where basketball is practised or others, light plays an important role in the show’s precision, safety, and visibility.

LED floodlights for open courts

This type of court lighting is versatile and efficient. It must consider that LED light can save energy and be a safe alternative. Its precision and power make it possible to practice soccer and other sports on the same pitch.

LED projectors can provide better visibility to athletes and the public, stylizing the venue. Consider that rails or other applications may indicate exit points, services, or other sectors.

LED alternatives for gyms and closed spaces

The benefits of LED Lighting for sports venues can help create welcoming and motivating environments. Good Lighting can influence the concentration of people who do sports, considering the intensity of 200 to 500 lumens.

In this case, it is advisable to use cold white lights to stimulate activity in gyms. In other sectors of the enclosure, consider using LED projectors, bells or panels to create halls, bathrooms and lockers.

On the other hand, warm lights are ideal for relaxation environments, such as Yoga or Pilates rooms. LED panels are suitable for ceilings as they have a diffuse surface. This prevents the intensity of the light from dazzling or disturbing users since they tend to spend long periods with their backs turned.

Consider that an LED light shines more and consumes less. Therefore, do not be afraid to apply it in your enclosures. Thus, you will be migrating to a new system of savings, efficiency and versatility that is foolproof for your business.