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3 Benefits of LED Lighting in Shopping Centres

3 Benefits of LED Lighting in Shopping Centres

Among the most illuminated public places are shopping malls. They have decorated spaces, so visitors feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied when buying.

What benefits can a led light panel provide to make this objective easier and more efficient? Find out below.

Power Consumption

It is important to note that the most significant amount of energy consumed in a shopping centre comes from Lighting. It is estimated that consumption is 45% due to its lighting system, followed by 39%, corresponding to the air conditioning system.

For this reason, it is important to use light bulbs or lamps that efficiently use energy. An LED light panel can represent up to 80% energy savings and a reduction in maintenance costs since they last more than 100,000 hours, considering the brand and quality. 

Light Efficiency

Shopping malls are generally significant. Its structure and number of commercial premises demand excellent lighting efficiency so that brands can display their products.

Some designs are designed to take advantage of natural light during the day and part of the afternoon. 

Influence of Lighting on Consumers

The quality of Lighting can affect the mood and well-being of consumers if it considerably increases heat emissions and does not provide sufficient light.

Fluorescent light bulbs, for example, emit UV radiation that can cause headaches, which would affect your visit to the site.

In this sense, an LED light panel can positively influence the level of stress, anxiety, and even people’s heart rate since they reduce heat emissions by 20%.

Lightning is key to giving consumers a better experience when visiting the mall.

In this sense, led light panels will be an excellent ally in quality, savings and efficiency