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Explosion Proof LED Lighting

Explosion Proof LED Lighting

Work in risk areas requires constant monitoring of production processes and excellent visibility. You will need the best and safest lighting equipment, thus avoiding unnecessary dangers.

Among other measures, using explosion-proof LED lighting will give you many advantages.

LED anti-explosion lamps are used in explosion-prone areas, such as refineries and chemical plants. They are also used in some low ceilings, in walls of pits or corridors, in pipes and critical vessels. 

Safety is essential, and in this article, we will discuss what you should know about these luminaires.

Reasons to use explosion-proof LED lighting.

Proper use of these luminaires, also known as EX Lamps, offers many benefits – including safe lighting of hazardous areas. These are areas where any spark can cause an explosion, causing damage to personnel and equipment. 

These explosion-proof LED lamps also provide essential support when a closed production space monitored from an opening must be illuminated.

This type of lighting is frequently used to carry out a visual inspection and have greater control of the processes. These lamps do not cause glare to interfere with visual inspections, making them ideal for confined areas.

If you use a flashlight or any other portable lamp instead, you won’t be able to see clearly. 

You would miss defective batches, a blockage in the system, or contamination problems, among other factors. You need high-quality lighting with limited inspection mobility to see through a peephole or anywhere else.

The explosion-proof LED lighting system must comply with the provisions of the NEC (National Electrical Code). EX lamps will give you greater security in your facilities, with a lower risk of explosion, protecting your personnel and equipment.

Classification of anti-explosion LED lighting.

Applying industrial LED lighting will give you many advantages, but you must know the classification of the areas where they should be used. According to the NEC, they are classified as follows:

  • Class I: Areas where flammable gases are present at levels where they could cause an explosion.
  • Class II: Hazardous areas due to the presence of combustible dust.
  • Class III: Risk areas due to particles or fibres that are easily flammable but are not present in the air.
  • In each class, one or two divisions are established:
  • Division I: Permanent presence of the flammable or explosive substance.
  • Division II: Occasional presence of the flammable or explosive substance.

To avoid making mistakes when selecting LED products, ensure your explosion-proof LED lighting system complies with UL844. Examine the label where the phrase “Conforms to luminaires for classified areas.”

In addition, your anti-explosion LED lamps must meet the manufacturing standards required by UL or ATEX for the area where you will install them.

Make an appropriate selection relying on experts on the subject. Remember that the safety of workers, as well as the protection of the facilities, are of the utmost importance.