What are the advantages of LED lighting?

  1. LEDs can last 30+ years
  2. LEDs reduce lighting costs by up to 93%*
  3. LEDs don’t heat up and thereby help you save on cooling and reduces the risk of fire
  4. No toxic materials in your home
  5. LEDs enhance the aesthetic appeal of your spaces

What do I need to know before installation?

  1. Our estimate is not final until we can evaluate your home. You will receive a final quote once evaluation is complete.
  2. In most cases, installation can begin straight away – no waiting!
  3. If any issues arise, no additional work will be done without your specific consent
  4. As this is a government regulated scheme, your name and contact details will be passed on to the Office of Environment & Heritage
  5. One of the forms you sign transfers your right to create and own the Energy Savings Certificates from this activity under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme to us. This is how we manage to keep our prices low.
  6. Our inspectors may ask you to do a quality survey over the phone, or organise a visit to inspect the quality of the work.

Why Evitech?

  1. Our products come with a 3-year warrant
  2. We can replace the lamp and driver with no no compatibility issues.
  3. No hidden charges, free installation and price is inclusive of plug base
  4. Highly trained professional team with a proven track record.
  5. Dimmable lighting is available at no extra cost with compatible dimmers

How much am I going to save?

Customers transitioning from electrical hot water systems should see an approximate 60% reduction in costs compared to their existing solution.