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4 Creative Ways To Install An LED Panel In Your Home

4 Creative Ways To Install An LED Panel In Your Home

LED light in homes, offices, and photography or recording studios has become a trend as a lighting system, thanks to its numerous advantages and benefits in energy saving, light efficiency, and practicality.

To create a modern, decorative and well-lit environment, you can install LED panels at different points in your room or study. There are some creative ways to do this installation.

Next, We will show you 4 Ways to Install An LED Panel In Your Home:

Install Hanging Panels 

This type of installation is suggested in spaces whose ceiling has a considerable height. In addition to providing elegance to the environment, it achieves homogeneous lighting due to the distance between the panels.

To install an LED panel according to this option, you must have an installation kit for suspension, including the steel cords and necessary tools for assembly.

Play with the Angles and Directions

It consists of positioning the LED panels in strategic areas according to the use you will give to the room. If it is a video or photography studio.

You must locate them according to the 3 points of light rule, keeping the ideal angle, either upwards or with uprights and light diffusers.

You can also project the light panels towards the wall or upwards towards the ceiling, keeping a distance to diffuse the light. This unusual installation gives a creative and original touch to any space in the home.

Light up with Recessed Panels

One of the most common and discreet options is the installation of recessed LED panels on the ceiling. These are channels designed in wood or metal under a standard measure.

The panels are assembled or embedded with other decorative elements in the same steps, made of various materials (particleboard, wood, among others).

Fix the panels with clamps

Through clamps fixed to the ceiling or a wall. You can distribute the light from the panels at your convenience, according to the use you give to the space in question.

To do this, you must drill the surface and install the clamps, considering the measurements of the LED panel.

As Evitech Explains to you in detail but whatever option you choose when installing an LED panel, always consider the use of the room and its decoration.