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Indoor Agriculture LED Lighting

Indoor Agriculture LED Lighting

In addition to offering energy efficiency, LED lamps have great flexibility in their use and applications. Some manufacturers offer LED products for indoor agriculture, whose light has been optimized to stimulate crop growth.

LED horticultural lamps are configured with lighting “recipes,” where the characteristics of the light are adjusted according to the needs of a specific plant. In this way, it is possible to have quality crops without direct sunlight. Farming indoors allows greater control over temperature and humidity, also offering protection against pests.

LED lighting allows indoor farming, which is an advantage when there is no land for cultivation.

Any Season Crops with LED Lighting

With the combination of LED lamps and air conditioning, it is possible to replicate any season of the year indoors so that seasonal crops can be grown at any time.

To achieve this, it is simply a matter of adjusting the intensity and color of the LED lighting, as well as temperature and humidity, so that the optimal conditions are achieved for the specific plant you plan to grow.

Energy Efficiency and Security

Indoor farming is already carried out with HID-type lamps, but this has many disadvantages:

  • Lighting cannot be adjusted based on plant type. Therefore, depending on the crop type, different combinations of HID and fluorescent lamps are required.
  • HID lamps emit a large amount of heat. This can damage plants and also increases heating costs.
  • HID bulbs are prone to exploding at the end of their useful life. If glass shards fall on crops, they can no longer be sold for human consumption due to the risk of ingesting glass.

On the other hand, LED lighting saves 50% or more when replacing HID bulbs, with a 5 to 10 times longer lifespan. The risk of contaminating crops disappears as LED luminaires can be made free of glass and other brittle materials.

When LED lighting is used for indoor crops, they are protected from pests, drought and extreme temperatures.


LED lighting for agriculture can be revolutionary, totally changing the food industry. The ability to adjust the light produced allows any crop to grow indoors, with greater energy efficiency and safety than other types of lighting.

Greater use of space is also achieved by allowing agriculture inside multi-story buildings. The lighting and air conditioning of the respective area must be adjusted. In addition, the plants are completely isolated from insects, rodents and other pests.